What We Believe In:

We believe that small businesses define their community, that the relationship between a business and its regulars is a powerful thing, and that no matter how close you are to home, local and independent is ALWAYS the way to go. Locasaur's mission is to illuminate and empower all the businesses and business owners that define local places. 

We're driven to create powerful, intuitive, and enchanting tech-solutions for both local independent business owners and individuals who yearn for local options. We make the relationship between regular and business owner more powerful than ever, create a platform for business owners to proudly market their business as uniquely authentic to the community, and make finding local options for individuals as easy as tapping a button. 

Our logic is simple: successful local independent businesses lead to healthy, vibrant communities and unique microcultures. Such communities are communities worth celebrating, exploring, and, above all, preserving. Locasaur illuminates these special places, turning locations into destinations. 

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