Be Local. Anywhere.

Firefly is a platform for local independent businesses to interact with their regular customers and help define their local community. It's a portal for adventurers to easily explore the unique local worlds around them, and never settle for anything less than 100% authentic experiences on their travels.


Firefly is for the artisans -  the craftsmen, the connoisseurs and the entrepreneurs who create businesses that define their local communities. We provide a robust suite of tools for businesses to brand themselves as landmarks of their locales, interact meaningfully with their community, and attract new customers who want to experience what's authentically local.

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Firefly is for the adventurers - the explorers, the trailblazers, and the people who want to experience something different. We make finding unique and colorful restaurants, shops, experiences and local secrets as easy as a touch of a button - from rural bakeries in the hills of Virginia to breezy surf shacks right off the Pacific Highway.