Locasaur for Business FAQS

Getting Started and Business Verification

Editing Your Profile


Adding Customers

Messaging Customers

General Questions

Locasaur for Individuals

Getting Started and Business Verification

    How can I download the Locasaur Mobile Apps?

    • Both the Locasaur app for individual users and the Locasaur Business app can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play! You can also send a download link right to your phone from our website.

    I see my business is already on Locasaur? How did it get there?

    • Any Locasaur user can submit a business to Locasaur’s local business database. If it fits our criteria we add it and credit that user with “discovery credit” on the business profile. We use publicly available information to create these profiles.

    What is the difference between a “unclaimed” business and an “claimed” business?

    • An unclaimed business is a business that a user has added to Locasaur but does not yet have a business account associated. It can be recommended and endorsed by users, however it can NOT be messaged. A claimed business is a business that has at least 1 individual using the Locasaur business app. It CAN be messaged.

    How do I claim my business?

    • To claim your business, simply download the Locasaur app and follow the instructions for creating an account. After you’ve created an account, enter the name and location of the local business you want to claim. Claiming is done via a quick phone call with Team Locasaur or with your work email address. After verification you will be able to access your business’ account from your Locasaur Business app.

    What if I have multiple locations?

    • If your business has multiple storefronts, each is claimed individually. You can claim an additional storefront simply by tapping the dropdown header in the Locasaur Business app and selecting “Claim a new storefront or business.”

Editing Your Profile

    Where does my profile come from?

    • If your business does not already have a Locasaur account when you go to claim, we will create an initial profile for your business using publicly available information.

    Can I edit profile information?

    • Yes! Your business’ name, address, and business description can be quickly edited from the Business Tab inside the Locasaur Business app.

    Can I add and delete photos?

    • Yes! The initial photos on your Locasaur profile come from those found on your Google Business Listing. New photos can be added right from the Business Tab inside the Locasaur Business app.
    • Note: once an initial photo is deleted, it cannot be added by a user again. If you accidentally delete a photo you wanted to keep, or want to bring back an initial photo simply message Team Locasaur and we can help.


    How can I add team members?

    • To add additional team members, simply tap “Add Team Member” on the team tab inside the Locasaur Business app. Then, enter the email of the individual you wish to add. An email will be sent to the individual prompting them to download the Locasaur Business app. Note: it’s important that the individual creates an account using the same email to which the invite was sent. Upon doing this the individual will be added to the business’ account.

    How can I remove team members?

    • Any admin can remove a team member right from the team tab inside the Locasaur Business app, simply by swiping the desired individual’s name to the right and tapping the remove icon.

    Is there a limit to the number of team members?

    • No! Businesses can add as many team members as they feel they need. Businesses must always have at least one team member.

    What is the difference between an admin and a team member?

    • The individual who initially claims a business on Locasaur becomes the “admin.” Only an admin can add/remove team members. A business can have multiple admins and should message Team Locasaur to ask us to add an individual as an admin for your account.

Adding Customers

    What is my “community” on Locasaur?

    • Your community is the total group of customers with whom you can message on Locasaur.

    How can I grow my community?

    • Your community expands when one of the following happens:
      • An individual joins through a personal invitation you’ve sent.
      • An individual recommends your business on Locasaur
      • An individual checks-in at your business on Locasaur.
      • An individual messages you from the message button on your Locasaur profile
      In each instance, your team will receive a push notification from the Locasaur app prompting them to send a welcome message to the new customer.

    Can I get Locasaur Marketing Material to display?

    • Yes! We are happy to provide Locasaur marketing material to help you collect customer information. Materials include:
      • Note Pads: Great for keeping at a register or counter
      • Postcards: Great for slipping into checkholders alongside a bill
      • Window Clings: Great for reminding customers to support local spots.

    How are Phone and Email invitations sent to customers?

    • You and any of your team members can send invitations to join the community at your business by entering a phone number or email in the “add customer” popup. This triggers an invitation sent.

    I sent a Phone or Email invite but the customer didn’t receive it?

    • Double check to make sure you’re sending to the correct email or phone number, and check your connection. SMS delivery, while consistently dependable, does vary between carriers.

    How are link Invitations sent?

    • You can also share a link to join your community on Locasaur. Links can be included in social posts, copied into a newsletter or other form of marketing material, or sent to someone in your phone’s contact. In each case, any user who clicks your invite link will be added to your community after creating an account.

    What happens when I invite a customer who doesn’t yet have the Locasaur app?

    • If a customer doesn’t have the Locasaur app, the invitation link leads to the app store. Customers who download Locasaur from that link and create an account will be automatically added to your business’ community, and your team will get a notification alerting you that a new customer has joined.

    What happens if I invite a customer who already has the Locasaur app?

    • If you send an invite to an email or phone number that is connected to a current Locasaur account, instead of sending an invite you will automatically be dropped into a conversation screen with that new user.

    I sent a link but it doesn’t appear to be sending?

    • Check your connection, or try on a different network. In areas with slower internet invitations might take a few seconds to send.

Messaging Customers

    Who can I message on Locasaur?

    • You can compose messages to any Locasaur user that has:
      • Joined your community via a direct invitation or invite link.
      • Visited, Recommended, or Endorsed your business on Locasaur.
      • Messaged your business from the Locasaur app

    What kind of messages can I send on Locasaur?

    • Locasaur messaging supports text, pictures, GIFS, and links! As far as what you can message about, that’s up to you and your customers.

    Who sees messages that I send?

    • Your messages are visible to the customer and any team members that you’ve added to your business’ account. Think of your conversation as a group chat between the customer and your team.

    Can I Mute Customers on Locasaur?

    • At the moment we currently do not support features that mute or block customers from messaging. We do, however, encourage you to notify Team Locasaur of any spam, harassment, or discourteous behavior from a customer.

    How do I report Spam?

    • To report a spam message or inappropriate customer behavior, simply message Team Locasaur from your app. Please include a screenshot depicting the behavior in question.

    Can I turn off notifications?

    • At the moment Locasaur requires notifications from the Locasaur Business App turned on. This ensures that messages from customers don’t slip through the cracks.

General Questions

    What does Locasaur cost?

    • Not a thing. Our pilot businesses get to use Locsasur for free in exchange for their feedback on what we're building.

    What kind of Businesses can use Locasaur?

    • Locasaur is just for non-franchised businesses with 10 or fewer storefronts. Any brick and mortar can use our messaging, from restaurants to barbers, florists and boutiques. If you are a service provider or a mobile business (food truck for example) interested in using our messaging platform, please reach out to us at hello@locasaur.com and let us know, we’d love to chat more.

    What are the benefits to having a Locasaur Account?

    • Locasaur gives you direct access to your regular customers. Locasaur connects business operators and customers via direct messages. There are no algorithms, impressions, or engagements to navigate like on social media, and there is no chance of ending up in a customer’s email spam folder.

    How is Locasaur different than other messaging services?

    • More Personal:
      • Unlike Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages, Locasaur Messaging is person to person, not person to business logo. Locasaur users see a business operator’s real name and face, creating a personalized experience that’s much more conducive to building a meaningful relationship with a customer.
    • Mass Composition:
      • Locasaur gives businesses the ability to segment customers into groups and send messages that reach multiple customers at once. Messages composed to multiple people or a specific group are sent individually.

    How can I get assistance if I need it?

    • Business with active Locasaur Messaging accounts can message Team Locasaur right from their business app. We’re here to help you get the most out of Locasaur any way we can. Businesses who do not currently have an account, or are considering getting started, are more than welcome to reach out to hello@locasaur.com with questions or simply to learn more.

Locasaur for Individuals

    How do Customers use Locasaur?

    • Individuals have an app separate from the app that businesses download. They can use this app to message personally with businesses, recommend their favorite spots to friends, and search for local spots in the Locasaur database.

    What does it mean to “recommend” a business on Locasaur?

    • When a user recommends your business on Locasaur it means they have shared your business with people who follow them on Locasaur.

    What happens when a customer “recommends” my business?

    • When a user taps the recommend button on a Locasaur profile, that business is added to the user’s map of recommended spots. It also shows up on the map of anyone who follows that user. Thus, the more followers your customers have, the more people to whom your business gets recommended.

    What does it mean to “endorse” a business on Locasaur?

    • Users who recommend a business have the option to add one or more endorsements. Endorsements are divided into four categories - Vibes, Great For, General Info, and Specialties. Endorsements are visible on a business’ profile and on posts on a user’s recent activity feed.